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Introducing Origen

_We make copyright compatible so that developers can build great apps while rights-owners make more money.

We fixed the problem with copyright by developing a technology that allows developers to get licensed access to any creative asset they want in minutes, and the rights-owner of the asset to get paid for every single use of it. We call it Origen.

Origen,the Media as Service Platform
The Media as a Service Concept

Origen is the new Media as a Service platform which uses our proprietary technology to automatically handle the sourcing, clearing, identification, licensing, reporting, and auditing of any digital asset or combination of assets on any device, in any application or service, instantly.

It sounds like we made the impossible possible, doesn’t it?
That’s because we did.

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Get licensed assets in minutes

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Origen For Developers

_Get Fast Access to Pre-cleared Premium Creative Assets with Origen

Origen’s proprietary technology helps to facilitate almost any type of agreement between disparate parties in practically any kind of peer-to-peer transaction. It’s designed to allow these interactions to occur with privacy and anonymity, without any personal, private, or payment data.

At the heart of our technology is a tool we call Permissions Matrix that unambiguously describes agreements, in a way that humans can understand, and devices can take actions on.

Origen will handle the sourcing, identification, clearance, reporting, and payments, so that you can focus on building amazing apps without the risk of app store removal.

Everything is legitimate, tracked and secure.

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Track usage and unlock revenue

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Origen For Rights-Owners

_Track and Monetise Every Single Use of Your Creative Works

We made copyright compatible with technology, allowing rights-owners to automate how their creative works are licensed and used while getting paid for each usage in any iteration at a rate they set.

Origen allows you to connect directly with your fans through developers who act as facilitators, enabling direct rights-owner to fan licensing, something that could never be done before. By giving fans the ability to access and enjoy your works in a new way, it builds relationships and loyalty while unlocking new revenue chains and marketing channels.

_How does it work?

Our technology allows the rights of an asset to travel with it wherever it goes and however it’s used. It’s a brand new licensing model that simply couldn’t exist before. It means instant clearance for cover songs, remixes, UGC, MCN's, and more.

It also gives disparate industries a common language to speak; something the creative industry just didn’t have until now. Image catalogues can talk with music labels which can talk to videographers and even the general public. And rights and usage can be agreed across these industries instantly with absolutely no ambiguity.

_What Origen Can Do for You:

_See the power of Origen for yourself, talk to one of our experts about getting your assets on the Origen platform.


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